Sue Seamon

Board President

Sue, Yanceyville resident, grew up in Raleigh, NC, where in childhood, she was a private art student at Peace College. This was followed by art training as a student at Florida State University.

Sue enjoyed a long career in High Point, NC in the home furnishings industry as a set designer for photography, illustrator, and copywriter. Later becoming an independent interior designer, Sue created  manufacturers' showrooms and advertising programs for furniture and textile clients.

In tandem with her home furnishings work, Sue was painting and exhibiting her art in numerous galleries and shows. She was always an active member of  the Arts Council.


Karen Williamson

Board Vice - President

Born in the mid-west, raised in the east and a current resident of Caswell County, Karen Williamson has always been interested in the arts. She is a graduate of James Madison University where she majored in Marketing and minored in Dance Theatre.

In February 2020, Karen was the Artist-In-Residence at the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History, where she wrote and directed a 30-minute documentary entitled, “Danville Legacy Stories: the I AM project.” This film, available for viewing on You Tube, highlighted one key aspect of the life and legacy in the lives of nine local community leaders that they want viewers to know about them. Karen is also the Producer/Creative Director of Caswell History Speaks. This program was created to educate people in the Caswell/Danville/Pittsylvania area about local historic and iconic people through live stage performances and videos. She is also an award winning photographer and reed weaver.


Chris Rebman-Berry

Board Vice-President

Chris Rebman-Berry is co-owner and creative
director of Hyco Lake Magazine. She is a physical therapist by training, has a passion for teaching kayaking and paddle boarding, and loves the outdoors. She and her husband live in Semora, NC where they paddle and publish the magazine together. 


Chris is a strong supporter of the arts and is eager to help bring the arts to a broader community in the Caswell County area. 

Cathy Long

Board Treasurer

Cathy Long rejoined the Board of Directors in 2018 and currently serves as its treasurer. She previously served for nine years as a member of the board during the mid 2000’s, and has always been a strong supporter of all the arts—particularly in the field of education.

"I feel a strong affinity for all the areas of personal expression through art-- music, or painting, or writing, or sculpting, or craftsmanship, etc., and I think it is important to help others find that pleasure and knowledge,” she said. “The Arts Council is a vehicle for bringing those experiences to the public. I am particularly eager for young children to be exposed to the world of art, and CCFTA has that as one of its priorities. One of the perks for being a part of the arts council has been seeing the joy and amazement of the school children who are allowed to attend the stage performances we sponsor.”

Cathy, a native of neighboring Alamance County, is a graduate of UNC-CH. She was married in 1962 to Caswell County native Jim Long, now deceased, and continues to live in their home. In addition to the Arts Council, she is a member of the Caswell Horticulture Club and Red House Presbyterian Church.

Mary Covington

Mary is a life-long resident of Mebane in Alamance County. She and her husband, Jimmy were married for fifty years. They have two adult daughter who live close by.

Mary and Jimmy became involved with Caswell Arts many years ago when they came to Yanceyville to enjoy the great shows at the Civic Center. They later joined the group of ushers and enjoyed getting to know them as well as audience members. After a few years of ushering, Caswell Arts founder, Lee Fowlkes, invited Mary to serve on the board. Unfortunately, that was shortly before his illness and death.

During the several years of being a board member I have seen many changes and improvements in the Caswell Council for the arts. The move to the new space will improve and increase our visibility and attract more members and artists.

Denise Pierce


Denise Burnette                                                                            Executive Director

Denise Burnette is a strong believer in the value of the arts.  She has been a dancer and writer since her youth, and has expanded her horizons to include a variety of artistic mediums including painting, theater, drumming, and jewelry making.  The positive role the arts played in her own life led her to study Psychology and the Arts in her graduate studies, with a focus on the value the arts play in fostering self-expression, healing, and empowerment. 

Denise moved to Caswell County in 2016, where she lives with her husband and two children.  She is honored to have the role of strengthening the arts in her own community.  It is her vision to nurture creativity in all who wish to find it in themselves, to strengthen the role of the arts in the lives of our youth, to support local artists, and to provide positive exposure to the arts that inspire and empower.

Paula Basnett

Gallery Coordinator

Fairly recent newcomers to NC, Paula and her family dreamed of living in North Carolina because, "It always felt like home."  That dream came true in 2014.  Paula currently lives in Rockingham County with her husband and her dog. Her two children are grown and live in NC, which meant Paula had a lot of extra time on her hands.  She came to CCFTA in 2019 and serves as Gallery Coordinator. She also creates graphics and performs various tasks and missions.

One of her earliest memories is of her mother and herself tole painting a crumb and pan set. Creating has been a part of Paula's life as long as she can remember, and it doesn't matter what form that creativity takes. It can be home d├ęcor, writing, planning and planting a flowerbed, creating a blog post, or painting. The creativity finds a crack in her soul and oozes out. (A little bit of coffee doesn't hurt, either.) 

She holds a degree in Visual Communications, but the greatest lesson she learned is that the arts are very powerful tools: they touch people in their souls.  She describes herself as "an admirer of ugliness."  "You have to be able to admire the dings and dents to see the beauty in them. "

Paula loves being inspired as well as inspiring. "It's very easy to minimize creativity.  EVERYBODY has creative ability.  It's just a matter of finding your outlet. "  

CCFTA was founded in 1977 as a way to celebrate the Arts in Caswell County.  Since that time, we have successfully kept the arts alive and prospering in our community. 

Our mission is to sponsor and encourage cultural education and activities in Caswell County and the surrounding areas by increasing art awareness, educating our citizenry, providing positive opportunities for exposure to the arts, and nurturing local creative expression.  

If you are interested in learning more about membership or making a donation , please click on these links to direct you to that page.

You may contact us from 10:00 - 2:00 Monday, Wednesday and Friday at (336) 694-4474
or at any time via email at caswellarts@gmail.com

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