In the Gallery

Gail Craddock

 "I have been a house, wall, and canvas painter as well as an art teacher of 40 years, placing in competitions and receiving awards along the way. I have painted murals in grand showrooms for furniture markets, private dining rooms, children's nurseries, bedrooms, and custom faux finishes with styles dictated from interior color and design need. 

 At age 62, I am actively pursuing art as my career.

When you work at doing something you love the term work seems to lose its true definition. My life’s work was, and is centered around personal and shared creativity in the form of teaching, working with students desiring to learn. Teaching art is to teach technique. I’m all about visual communication, and I learned visual communication at its best from teaching. 

Being diverse because of my teaching and interior design needs makes it difficult to approach my work through one specific consistent genre, medium, and theme."

Kim Steffan

Kim is a hand quilter from Prospect Hill. Her education and formal training are in law, which is her profession. She began quilting over 20 years ago for enjoyment, inspired by the quilting heritage of her grandmother and other women she admired. Kim has done self-study of quilting history, and has advanced her skill by spending time individually with a number of expert quilters. Her pieces are made with machine piecing of the quilt top, and quilting by hand.

"Hand quilters are few in number. Yes, it would be faster to quilt by machine, and I’ve seen many absolutely beautiful pieces quilted by machine over the years. Still, quilting by hand is what calls me. Why? Hand quilting has a rhythm that is calming and meditative in this fast-paced world. When I quilt by hand, whether my design is traditional or contemporary, I feel connected to all those amazing women and men who built this art form."

Sara Bolduc

Sarah began studying art at an early age exploring the humanities led by her well educated family. Throughout her formal education and later in life art classes were favored. Sarah worked professionally as a cartographic illustrator, realtor, librarian and program developer. Sarah currently serves as President of Lake Country Artisans Guild, Curator of the Arts at the Galleria on the Lake in Clarksville,VA and exhibits her art work primarily in North Catina and Virginia. Her sales territory extends throughout the Eastern United States. Sarah has won several art awards for her work and exhibits in juried exhibitions on both the local, regional and national level. Her three studios are within her home as well as multiple gallery wall locations. In addition Sarah’s art is represented by several gallery locations. She is a member of several art organizations and regularly contributes to these groups. For further information visit

Embodied with creativity and passion Sarah’s artwork can be both bold and subtle. It is eye catching and colorful, implementing various mediums, shapes and forms abstractly with suggestions of realism .The portrayals develop intuitively from glimpses of nature , life experiences, thoughts and interactions. Favored mediums are fiber, water media and oils. With strong technique the work tells the artist’s story a well as that which the viewer perceives. The story has meaning ,can draw a response and is explorative with movement validated by composition to formulate design.

Robert Whiteman

Robert was born in New Hampton, Iowa. Not only is he an artist, he owns a sign business as well. He had a lifelong interest in art beginning in early childhood. After a three year tour in the U.S. Army, Robert graduated from Omaha Art School in Omaha, NB. He enjoyed living in rural Virginia while pursuing a career in commercial art and some fine art, as time allowed. Currently retired, Robert and resides in the Piedmont area, painting from personal interest and his life experiences.

"I am pursuing a long-time interest in painting with egg tempera. also, painting watercolor and pencil portraits. Learning the practice of egg tempera painting has been rewarding while working from photos I've taken and previous life experiences. currently, I am working in a small studio, surrounded by tobacco farms and spacious views of Southern Virginia. I like painting people in rural settings, engaged in daily life where I feel most comfortable.

However, I do enjoy painting some fascinating people and sites found in cities as well."

His awards include:

Art by the James Buchanan, Va Best in Show- 1982

Buchanan, VA - Peoples Choice Award - 1983

Expressions at Piedmont Arts - First Place in Oil and Acrylic, Egg Tempera - 2018

Caswell Council for the Arts Juried Show - Honorable Mention - 2019

Shirley Cadmus

Shirley has been managing the Milton Studio Art Gallery for the past thirteen years. Before retiring as an art educator, she taught art at GWHS for thirty years, served as adjunct professor at Averett University for twenty years, and at DCC University for twenty years.

She has been an artist all her life. 'She has been an exhibitor and she also just received an artist grant to help buy art supplies.

Julia Fair

Julia has a passion for the arts in most every facet. She teaches music with Caswell County Schools, is thoroughly involved with theatrical arts, and love to create art in many mediums. Her longest standing passion is making jewelry, and her niche is wirework.

"Personal adornment is one of the most basic artistic and personal expressions humans have. To create adornments that people want to wear, or feel moved to give someone they love, is my goal."

Jane Carter

"I started painting 30+ years ago while living in Connecticut and being a stay-at-home mom. But after three years I got discouraged and turned to an interior design career. Then, on moving to South Carolina in 1989, I itched to paint again and have been doing so for the past 25+ years.

Watercolors were my medium until a few years ago when I discovered that oils were so joyous. So now I produce my water media (watercolors, pastels and acrylics) and my oils in my beautiful Art Barn in North Carolina.

I've become more and more enamored with abstracts and find great joy in creating them. I also find the painting on Yupo paper allows my creative muses much freedom while bringing great success in national show entries.

I have won several awards - I have been a Signature Member of the Watercolor Society of North Carolina, a Signature Member of the South Carolina Watermedia Society, and a Signature Member of The Georgia Watercolor Society. I’ve been published in Watercolor Magic and been on the cover of several magazines. My paintings hang in homes throughout the country and in England (where I lived on two separate occasions) and it always delights me to see people enjoying them.

I have taught art classes and workshops in England and South Carolina, and as of this writing, have had eight one-woman shows.

I am very proud of my recent achievement with the Southern Watercolor Society, which selected my painting, "Cheese Shop" for use as their invitation cover art! The formal invitation, to be produced en masse, will be used to promote Southern Watercolor's Annual Opening and galas in 18 states. This is a huge honor for me as my art was selected from all of the artists displaying in the show!

I have also been a Signature Member of the Southern Watercolor Society, having been juried into my third show with them."

At 80, Jane is still teaching art classes and winning top awards.

Sandra Whitesell

Sandra and her husband and live on the family farm located in Northern Alamance County, Elon NC, this farm has been in his family since the late 1800’s. Living on a farm is a great place to get inspiration for photography and art. "I love capturing images of farm life, rural country side, or a beautiful sunrise on the coast through the lens of my camera…and very often I use these images to create a work of art."

"Over the years I have taken many classes from well-known artists in our area which include Skee Johnson, Jill Troutman, Betty Tyler and Aadren Doss."

Sandra belongs to the Burlington Artist League, Alamance Photography Club and presently hangs her art and photography at the Burlington Artist League located in Holly Hill Mall, Burlington NC. She has also hung her art and photography at Paramount Theater, Burlington NC Alamance Arts Council, Captain White House, Graham, NC Caswell County Civic Center, Yanceyville, NC Mebane Arts Center, Mebane, NC and at Caswell Council for the Arts.

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