In the Gallery

Shirley Cadmus

Shirley has been managing the Milton Studio Art Gallery for the past thirteen years. Before retiring as an art educator, she taught art at GWHS for thirty years, served as adjunct professor at Averett University for twenty years, and at DCC University for twenty years.

She has been an artist all her life. 'She has been an exhibitor and she also just received an artist grant to help buy art supplies.

Julia Fair

Julia has a passion for the arts in most every facet. She teaches music with Caswell County Schools, is thoroughly involved with theatrical arts, and love to create art in many mediums. Her longest standing passion is making jewelry, and her niche is wirework.

"Personal adornment is one of the most basic artistic and personal expressions humans have. To create adornments that people want to wear, or feel moved to give someone they love, is my goal."

Kim Steffan

Kim K. Steffan is a hand quilter from Prospect Hill. Her education and formal training are in law, which is her profession. She began quilting over 20 years ago for enjoyment, inspired by the quilting heritage of her grandmother and other women she admired. Kim has done self-study of quilting history, and has advanced her skill by spending time individually with a number of expert quilters. Her pieces are made with machine piecing of the quilt top, and quilting by hand.

Kim says, "Hand quilters are few in number. Yes, it would be faster to quilt by machine, and I’ve seen many absolutely beautiful pieces quilted by machine over the years. Still, quilting by hand is what calls me. Why? Hand quilting has a rhythm that is calming and meditative in this fast-paced world. When I quilt by hand, whether my design is traditional or contemporary, I feel connected to all those amazing women and men who built this art form."

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